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Welcome to Waterproofing Sydney Services. We are focused on providing not only a high quality of service and customer satisfaction, but follow through with quality waterproofing products that are guaranteed to last. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to listen carefully and understand our clients’ needs and requirements. We deliver a service that is supported by waterproofing systems and procedures that have been refined and improved over time and through many years of experience. Every member of the team is certified, trained and qualified to that of a high standard.We thrive on providing the best quality Waterproofing service to all of Sydney.



Waterproofing Sydney is a leading waterproofing company offering expert installation and repair of waterproofing in Sydney homes. Our projects spread across Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs, all the way out to Richmond and across to Campbelltown.

With more than 15 years’ industry experience, our waterproofers (technicians) can tackle any area of the home, including:


You name it we can waterproof it, on time and on budget All Waterproofing Sydney jobs are completed by a fully qualified Waterproofer and comply with the waterproofing standard AS 3740.

All team members are certified with a current Certificate III in Waterproofing/General Construction BCG 3140..

Make sure your residential and commercial property is waterproofed using the best materials in the industry by contacting Waterproofing Sydney .

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Why Choose Us ?


Qualified Contractors

Waterproofing Sydney has been in business for over 15 years and we only engage with other highly qualified contractors to do the job at hand. We have a strong reputation to protect for continually delivering high quality workmanship on all the jobs we do.



We provide our customers with unbeatable 7 year warranties on all products and services. In an unlikely event that something doesn’t turn out as you’d expect it, you then have the peace of mind to call us at any time to come out and fix it for you at our earliest convenience.


High-Quality Materials

One of the reasons why we’re able to back ourselves with extended warranties is due to the high-quality materials that we use. It can become a very expensive mistake if you choose to engage with waterproofing contractors that cut corners and use lower-quality, cheaper materials.

Ready to get started?


If you would like an obligation free quote from  Waterproofing Sydney on any of the services we provide, then please get in touch with us from any of the following ways below.


1. Contact

Call or quote online and we will arrange for your local team to contact you.Request a Call Back


Phone shy? There’s no need to call, you can Enquire online!

2. We'll have a quick chat

We’ll then have a quick chat to you over the phone or by replying to your online quote about your waterproofing project and schedule in a time with you to come out to your premises and inspect the job.


3. We'll send you a free quote

Once we have gathered all of the measurements and discovered your needs, we will then formulate a free quote for you within 48 hours of coming out to see you.


Commercial Waterproofing

Waterproofing Sydney  has over 15 years industry experience, combined with working on some of Sydney’s bigger projects you can count on Australian Waterproofing Company for the best in quality workmanship and competitive pricing.


Domestic Waterproofing

 Waterproofing Sydney is the first choice for Sydney’s Home owners when it comes to Domestic and Residential we are a family business we understand that every project we work on is someone’s investment.

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