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At Waterproofing Sydney , we’re proud to offer a leading service for deck, courtyard, terrace and balcony waterproofing to Sydney homeowners wanting peace of mind on their investment.

With many balconies situated over habitable rooms or garages, balcony deck waterproofing by an experienced Sydney professional is a critical step in avoiding costly damage to your home. When considering someone for this service, it is vital you choose a contractor who can do the job right the first time, as coming back to repair faulty works at a later date will be very expensive.

It is important to have your waterproofed balcony built in compliance with all the relevant Australian Building Codes and Standards. Drainage, correct set downs, substrates and falls play a major part not just in the construction of the balcony, but also in the success of the chosen balcony deck waterproofing system. There are also certain substrates and waterproofing products that will break down when exposed to the elements and should therefore not be used outside.


Waterproofing Sydney has the necessary experience to ensure compliance, safety, efficiency and great results on terrace waterproofing and leaking balcony repairs in Sydney homes. All of our works comply with the relevant Australian Standards, and a certificate and warranty is provided to our clients upon completion of our works.

For more information on any of our services for balcony waterproofing and leaking balcony repairs in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact Sam by calling  or  Quote Online

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